Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Minnesota Vikings will be going after their second consecutive win and third win in the last 4 games when they host the Detroit Lions this afternoon at the Metrodome.


God wants everyone strong, healthy and enjoying a long life. Satan wants everyone weak, sick and dying prematurely.

Satan will use people, places, things and events to steal your health. To kill your physical body. To destroy your physical prosperity. He wants you incapable of carrying out God's special assignments for your life. He does not want you to enjoy life.

Satan knows that if he successfully attacks your physical body, he will be able to negatively affect your family, mind, emotions and financial prosperity.

God is always for you. Satan is always against you. Always remember, you have been redeemed, rescued and delivered from spiritual death, financial poverty and physical sickness. You are not trying to get healed, you are healed.

As a believer, your Heavenly Father sent Jesus to this earth to heal you. Jesus came to this earth, was made sick and diseased on the cross and rose from the dead. He was made sick so you could walk in health in your physical body. Thank You, Jesus!

Have a great week,