Friday, August 31, 2007

Nick, Roxy and Bill enjoying a walk down Front Street in Lahaina, Hawaii.

A dramatic sunset taken on our evening walk in Wailea, Hawaii.

Roxy taking a moment to rest after a long day of golf and shopping in Maui.

Taking a walk on our long beach in Kihei with one of the beautiful hotels in the distance.

Nick looking "cool" by the blue water of Maui.

September and October are the two best months of the year for a sports enthusiast like me. In baseball, we have some exciting pennant races, playoffs and the World Series. In football, the NFL begins their regular season and the colleges hit the gridiron. Basketball and hockey open their training camps and the regular season begins in October. I'm looking forward with much anticipation to watching the Yankees, Vikings, Gophers and Red Wings continue their winning ways. Still a couple more months of tennis, golf and picnics. Remember, to get the maximum satisfaction from your interests you need to keep your Godly priorities in order.
1. Jesus
2. Spouse
3. Children
4. Your local church
5. Interests

Have a great weekend,


Thursday, August 30, 2007

I just love going to New York City. Yankees, bright lights, lots of excitement. This is a view of Manhattan from beautiful Central Park.

Greg, Robin and Bill outside of our favorite cafe/coffee shop. Cafe De Robertis is a nicely tucked away place we discovered. Canolis, other bakery treats, espresso and other unique drinks make this a regular stop (or two!) on our visits to NYC.
I decided to take a view from the last row of the third deck at Yankee Stadium. The view is great, but I need to be closer to the action.
Now these are our seats. Season ticket box seats just off of first base. Johnny Damon leading off second and Derek Jeter off of first. It looks like a Yankee rally to me!

Do You Know Your Bible?
Accidents Will Happen

1. Which king fell "down through a lattice in his upper chamber" and was injured?
2. Whose thigh went out of joint during a wrestling match with an angel?
3. Who had his foot crushed against a wall by a donkey?
4. Which king was fatally injured when a woman threw down a millstone on him?
5. Which king received a dead baby that was smothered by his mother as she rolled on him in her sleep?
6. Which five-year-old boy fell from his nurse's arms and was made lame?
7. Whose ten children were killed by a falling building?
8. Whose head got caught in the boughs of a tree?
9. Who fell backward from a wayside seat and broke his neck?
10. Who was bitten by a snake as he laid sticks on a fire?

Answers and a new quiz will be posted next Thursday.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Ely baseball field never looked better as the eight state tournament teams were announced and the National Anthem played.

It was a gorgeous day in August as Minnesota's favorite baseball town, Ely, hosted the American Legion state baseball tournament. On the way to the stadium I stopped to look at the beautiful Little League diamond.

Ely won their first game in an upset as they defeated LaCrescent 4-2 in the last first-round game of the day.

A beautiful evening in northern Minnesota. Sailboats, fishing boats and water skiers took over Lake Vermillion.

We spent two days at beautiful Fortune Bay Resort, home of one of the most beautiful golf courses in the entire state of Minnesota.


As beautiful as northern Minnesota is, it's amazing what's happening in the world we're living in. I believe we are living in the last generation just before Jesus returns. One sign alone would be enough to build a case that we are the last generation, but here are ten signs, all happening at the same time, that the Bible teaches would be happening during the last days of human history.

1. Restoration of Israel.
2. Alignment of nations.
3. False christs.
4. Wars and rumors of wars.
5. World-wide deception.
6. Eathquakes, famines and pestilences.
7. Sun, moon and stars.
8. Revived Roman Empire.
9. Global economy.
10. The mark of the beast.

Selah, pause and calmly think of that,


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nick relaxing at the Dunes at Maui Lani golf course in Maui, Hawaii.


Our power is finally back on in Northern Wisconsin after a 10 hour outage. Nick will be coming home tomorrow, Wednesday, and has an eye appointment scheduled for Thursday, as well as a car tune-up. He is preparing for his senior classes which will begin on Tuesday, September 4, at Hamline University. I'm looking forward to playing a couple of sets of tennis with him. I'm also looking forward to Kristine and Brian visiting Ladysmith September 14-16. They have already challenged Roxy and me to a doubles match in tennis during that weekend.

The Minnesota Vikings host the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night at the Metrodome in the final preseason game before opening their season at home on September 9 against the Atlanta Falcons.

Speaking of power, as a believer it's nice to know that we have been given the authority to release God's power into every area of our life. Believe that you have that authority and release that power with your words and actions.

Talk to you soon,


Monday, August 27, 2007


Here's a picture from my recent trip to Ely, Minnesota for the American Legion Baseball State Tournament. This picture was taken at the Little League baseball field where I pitched the first game ever on the new field in 1963. My team, the IGA Cardinals defeated the Zup's Yankees by a score of 4-0 as I pitched a no-hitter.

Ten New Testament Proverbs Concerning Witnessing
1. Matthew 4:19
2. Matthew 5:13
3. Matthew 5:16
4. Matthew 10:24-25
5. Matthew 13:57
6. John 13:16
7. John 15:13
8. Acts 4:19-20
9. 2 Corinthians 3:6
10. 1 John 3:13

Look them all up and you'll be blessed!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Christmas 2006 with Grandpa Cliff Koehler, his daughter Roxy and his grandchildren, Kristine and Nick.


There are two kinds of unbelief. First, refusing to act on the knowledge of the Word of God we have. The cure is obedience. Secondly, lack of knowledge of the Word of God. We don't know so we can't act. The cure is knowledge. Without the Word of God in our lives we are governed by our emotions and led by the direction of the senses. We are no better off than an unbeliever. The Word gives us stability (Is. 33:6) and forms a foundation that cannot be shaken (Matt. 7:24-25). Studying the Word of God will enable us to become thoroughly furnished unto all good works (II Ti. 3:17).

Have a great day,


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'd like to welcome you to my blog! I'm looking forward to sharing vital Truth from the Word of God on a regular basis. I will also be keeping friends and family up to date with pictures and posts.

Grandpa Cliff's 90th birthday celebrated with grandchildren Kristine and Nick.
Corporate Target's most beautiful Business Analyst, Kristine Marie Novak.
Nick with one of his favorite little girls, Deuce.
Dad with Hamline Pipers freshman letter winning point guard, Nick.
Blaine junior varsity basketball head coach, Nick Novak, mulling last minute game winning strategy.
Kristine from her 3rd base box seat at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Yankees defeated the LA Aneheim Angels 14-9.
Kristine relaxing in her home town, Ladysmith, Wisconsin.
Kristine and friend Brian in northern California.
Kristine and Brian at the Pacific ocean.
Kristine doing her favorite thing in NYC, shopping!

Shalom! God's richest and best to you,