Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings will be playing their first road game of the 2008-09 season tonight against the Ottawa Senators. The Red Wings are going for their second consecutive Stanley Cup and their 5th Cup in the last 12 seasons.


Yesterday we began talking about revival and physical healing. God wants everyone strong, healthy and enjoying a long life. That's what God wants. What you want will determine what you get.

How much do you want to walk in physical health? Are you willing to eat properly, drink wisely, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and have fun playing?

Are you willing to cast off ungodly thoughts, unforgiveness, strife and bitterness? You have much to say concerning the health of your physical body. Knowing that God's will for your life is perfect health is an important starting point.

God wants you to have a healthy body so you can work with Him in accomplishing what He desires for the people and families on planet Earth.

Have a great Sunday service,