Wednesday, March 19, 2008

February, March and April are the three busiest months for us. A lot is happening in church and in sports. We have gone to many sporting events so far, and we're only in the middle of March. Here we have part of our crew, Bill, George, Sandy, Robin and Greg.


It is mid-week and the sun is shining in NW Wisconsin. Thank You , Jesus, for shedding Your blood and rising from the dead. The Word of God tells us that Jesus was made sin and everything hell had to offer so we could have life and receive by faith everything Heaven has to offer, right now in this present world.

The Bible says that the reason Jesus came to this earth was to release us from all the works of darkness. I believe, by His resurrection from the dead, Jesus accomplished His mission. In God's eyes, we have been redeemed. We have been rescued. We have been delivered. We have been set free. We are not trying to GET our freedom, we already have it! The enemy will continue to try to fill our thoughts with fear, doubt and unbelief. The Word of God tells us to reject those thoughts and replace them with God's thoughts. By doing this we will walk in the freedom that is ours.

Have a great day,