Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A beautiful, sunny day in Disney World. Lots of smiles and lots of fun. Thank you, Jesus!


We create atmospheres in our homes. Husbands, wives, parents and children need to let the love of God dominate them. Not just natural, human love. Natural love is so shallow.

Believers have an advantage over other people. Not only can they love their family with natural affection, but they can add to it divine love, which never seeks its own, but always seeks the other's welfare.

We should never want to be self-seeking. We should always want to put others first. Why not always try to outdo one another in love? How blessed that is! Praise God! Your home can be like Heaven on earth.

Make a decision to walk in divine love toward those you love. Let the unselfish love of God pour through you to them, creating an atmosphere of love. Remember, love never fails or falls, but always wins in the end.

Enjoy the rest of your week,