Thursday, February 3, 2011

Avery checking out Grandma Roxy's cell phone!

Do You Know Your Bible?
Answers to previous quiz.

1. Abdon (Judg. 12:13-14).
2. Manoah (Judg. 13).
3. Jabin (Judg. 4).
4. Ehud (Judg. 3:26-30).
5. Jephthah (Judg. 12:7).

New Quiz: Judges #5.
Answer these questions

1. What judge had forty sons and thirty nephews who rode on seventy young donkeys?
2. What was the name of Samson's father?
3. What king of Canaan did Barak defeat?
4. Under which judge was the land peaceful for eighty years?
5. Who was judge for six years - the shortest recorded term?

Answers and a new quiz will be posted next Thursday!